Climate Resilience

We’re building partnerships with other County agencies to help our community adapt to the challenges of climate change.

The Climate Challenge

Warmer temperatures, wildfires, rising tides: Climate change poses real and increasing threats to our homes, our infrastructure, our communities. And many more impacts are expected in the coming years.

These changes will affect public health, the local economy, agriculture and physical infrastructure. Climate change is already:

  • Increasing the risk of heat-related illnesses
  • Putting development located near wildlands at greater risk of wildfires
  • Increasing unhealthful exposure to wildfire smoke
  • Increasing the spread and range of tropical and subtropical diseases
  • Causing larger storms and flooding in low-lying areas

We’re at work on strategies and solutions that will make our communities more resilient.

Building Resilience

Challenges this big require a collaborative response. We’re working with other governments and regional collaborations to plan for the future of the Bay Area together, with a priority on serving those who will be affected first and worst or may have the fewest resources to adapt.

Learn more about our partnerships and plans for climate resilience: Our climate resilience planning has addressed preparation and adaptation for heat, sea level rise, smoke, and more.

Find out how to jumpstart climate adaptation work to engage your organization and staff.