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Clean Commute

With a variety of clean commute options for employees and free community shuttles, GSA is committed to a cleaner, more sustainable future for Alameda County.

Bike. Van. Shuttle. Share!

Commuters driving alone contribute to gridlock traffic, poor air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. Serving over 9500 employees, Alameda County’s clean commute programs have the power to make a difference.

GSA’s Clean Commute initiatives help Alameda County find sustainable ways to get around. We’re working to reduce solo car trips by encouraging employees to commute by bike, BART, carpool and foot and by working remotely.

By taking cars off the road, we’re contributing to cleaner air and a greener community — not to mention less traffic congestion.

With so many clean commute options, we’ve made it easier than ever to get to work by going green.

Our Clean Fleet

Our motor vehicle fleet includes:

  • More than 300 gas/electric hybrids and eight all-electric messenger vans
  • Over 80 electric vehicles
  • Over 75% of motor pool vehicles (shared by employees for on-the-job travel) that are hybrid or Electric Vehicles

Shuttles provide free, sustainable work-related travel and commutes, and some County shuttles are open to the general public. And we’ve got a bike share program for County employees.

With these convenient and cost-saving alternatives to driving alone, County employees reap the rewards of a more social, sustainable commute, and so do the people of Alameda County.

Take a Free Shuttle

Did you know that many Alameda County shuttle services are available to the general public, free of charge? GSA runs free shuttles for easier, more sustainable travel between selected BART stations and County buildings.

Explore County Shuttle routes and schedules and help us go green!