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Logistics Emergency Operations Support

We provide logistical support to other agencies to coordinate critical emergency services and mutual aid in our region.

A Coordinated Response to Crisis

As the County agency responsible for serving other County agencies, we play a critical role in coordinating the County’s emergency response to:

  • Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Pandemic
  • Riot
  • Active Shooter
  • Power shutoff

We support emergency services provided to our citizens and our neighbors through the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Emergency Resources

When the County faces a disaster, we organize the resources required to meet disaster head-on. Example of emergency services we have provided include:

  • Transportation for evacuation
  • Shuttle services to/from hospitals
  • Securing hotels and warehouses for displaced people
  • Food and lodging for vulnerable and displaced populations
  • Purchasing Personal Protective Equipment for immediate distribution
  • Distribution pods for food banks
  • Pop-up locations for medical services (COVID testing and vaccination)

We work with County agencies including the Public Health Department and Social Services, under the direction of the EOC, to bring help where it is needed most.

Help for the Most Vulnerable

Helping the community get through a crisis means reaching out to the County’s most vulnerable populations.

During an emergency event, like the COVID-19 pandemic, we anticipate the needs of the our community, working to set up:

  • Food banks
  • Pop-up sanitation stations
  • Temporary shelter
  • Meals for the elderly
  • Security services in hotels serving the elderly and homeless

Many of our programs serving the County’s most vulnerable are carried out by the Social Services Agency and Health Care Services.

Mutual Aid

When disaster strikes, we provide emergency support services to neighboring regions.

For example, during the Paradise wildfire, GSA helped coordinate emergency transportation for evacuating nursing home residents from the fire zone. We also provided staff to the Paradise Emergency Operations Center.

Providing mutual aid to our neighbors means that they will be here for Alameda County when we are in need.