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Monday , March 1, 2021

JOC Program Eases Bidding Process for Small, Local Businesses

GSA’s Job Order Contracting program, or JOC, makes it easy for small businesses to bid on contracting opportunities within construction for Alameda County.

Less paperwork and a quicker turnaround with JOC means more work and faster growth for local, small vendors.

Subcontracting jobs for routine construction and maintenance jobs are plentiful. Once local vendors — often minority owned — are certified with the County, they have easy access to additional JOC opportunities.

The program allows the County to reach out quickly and hire small businesses using a more direct, streamlined process. This ensures that small businesses can thrive and play a vital economic part in Alameda communities.

Large, prime contractors are required by California law to dedicate a portion of their work to small, local or emerging businesses. These jobs could include roof repairs, technical installations, plumbing, remodels, HVAC, ADA upgrades, asphalt repairs and more.

And, GSA’s Building Maintenance Department also has JOC contract needs for routine maintenance projects. Alameda has 121 County-owned buildings that need continual work to keep them safe and running efficiently.

“We have simple contracts for routine construction and we want as much participation from the small vendor community as possible,” says Doug Bond, GSA’s Building Maintenance Department Deputy Director.

For small businesses looking for more opportunities to grow, GSA provides a range of ongoing vendor programs and events to help them become certified vendors. The goal is that the smaller businesses can hire more local workers to contribute to the economic vitality of Alameda County.

One such program is the Contractor Technical Assistance Program — or CTAP. This program offers a close working relationship with a team of professionals that help contractors prepare for the many construction jobs that are available.

And both CTAP and the JOC programs reach out to different types of businesses including WBEs, MBEs, SBEs, VBEs, and LBEs.

As Doug Bond points out, “There are a lot of resources available to help local contractors prepare to take on these projects. We want them to get involved, reach out and ask questions.”

For small businesses that wish to grow and help build a stronger Alameda community, contact us.


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