SLEB Vendor Certification

Apply to become certified as a SLEB to get an edge on County bids and subcontracting opportunities.

The SLEB certification process takes approximately one month to complete. Start by reviewing the qualifications. Then fill out and submit your application.

  • EBIA Common Application: Download and fill out this form. When applying, choose as many NAICS codes as applicable to describe your business. If you are applying regarding a current contract opportunity, note that on your application.
  • Email the completed form to

For additional help, review the County of Alameda SLEB Certification Instructions.

What Happens Next

Once you submit your registration, the Auditor-Controller’s office will:

  • Contact you without 24 hours to acknowledge the receipt of your application
  • Review your application
  • Email you to schedule a site visit to review documentation and verify your place of business

If the Auditor-Controller determines that you qualify to become certified, they will:

  • Email you a notification stating that you have been certified
  • Enter your business information in the County’s SLEB database of preferred vendors

We appreciate our local, small and emerging businesses and we look forward to working with you!

Local Only

Supporting local vendors keeps Alameda County strong. When County departments need goods and services, we go first to our certified SLEBs.

When we’re not able to find a SLEB, we turn next to our Local Vendor Database.

Register as a Local Vendor and enjoy preferred status when County departments look for goods and services. Please note that the Local Vendor registration process is not the same as SLEB Certification.