SLEB Requirements for Large/Prime Vendors

Learn about County mandates for working with small, local and emerging businesses.

To promote the growth of our local economy, the County mandates prime vendors to work with smaller, local and emerging businesses in County contracts for goods and services.

Prime vendors are those who have been awarded a County contract.

When we work together, we all win.

Understand Participation Mandates

To ensure that small, local and emerging businesses get an opportunity to participate in County contracts, prime vendors that are not SLEBS are required to subcontract at least 20% of the total contract value to certified SLEBs.

That’s a big commitment to local business!

How to Find SLEB Partners

Are you a prime vendor looking for a SLEB partner?

  • Search the SLEB Supplier Database for qualified providers of goods and services
  • Attend Bidders Conferences/Pre-bid Events and review the List of Attendees for these events

Pairing prime vendors with SLEBs is a win-win. Let us know if you need help.

SLEB Program Guide: Download an overview of the SLEB program.

Get Help

For more information about the SLEB program, contact:

Office of Acquisition Policy