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Online Support: EZSourcing

Register for online bid support for goods & services solicitations.

For Goods & Services contracts, prospective vendors should register for the EZSourcing portal.

We use the EZSourcing portal to:

  • Communicate with vendors
  • Post solicitation documents
  • Post updates and addenda
  • Receive your bid documents

Register for EZSourcing.
EZ Sourcing FAQs: Find information about frequently asked questions about the EZ Sourcing portal.

EZSourcing Dos & Don’ts

Do Register on the online Alameda County EZSourcing Portal at EZSourcing as soon as the bid solicitation is posted.
Do Ensure contact information is up to date.
Do Review pricing offered on the Bid Form or line items on the EZSourcing Portal to ensure that it is correct.
Do Give yourself enough time to upload your bid response in the Portal.
Do Upload Excel Bid Form in EZSourcing, if requested.
Don’t Wait for the last minute to upload Bid Response in the portal.
Don’t Forget to upload the Exhibit A – Bid Response Packet and Bid Form(s).