Enhanced Construction Outreach Program (ECOP)

Earn bid preference for meeting Alameda County’s equity goals in construction contracts.

Incentives for Supporting County Equity Goals

Construction contractors win big when you work with small, local and diverse businesses.

With bid preference for qualifying local and prime contractors, our Enhanced Construction Outreach Program (ECOP) creates contracting opportunities for diverse, local businesses in Capital Construction projects over $125,000.

The County shall award a contract to the responsible bidder with the lowest bid as required by law.

Bid Preference

  • Prime contractors who are certified small local businesses (SLEBs) shall be eligible to receive a 5% bid preference.
  • Prime contractors that subcontract with certified small local businesses for a minimum 40% of the contract will also be eligible to receive this 5% bid preference.

Participation Goals

Prime contractors meet ECOP equity goals when they subcontract the specified percentage of their contracts to the types of businesses listed below:

  • Local Business Enterprises at 60%
  • Small, Local and Emerging business (SLEB) at 20%
  • Minority-owned regardless of location at 15%
  • Women-owned regardless of location at 5%

To be considered for award, bidders must meet all of the ECOP goals or provide evidence that all good faith efforts (see tabbed box, below) were made as stated in the bid specifications issued for each project.

How to Find Subcontractors

To find subcontractors for your County project:

  • Search the SLEB Database for certified small, local and emerging businesses
  • Attend Pre-bid Events and review the List of Attendees to identify interested subcontracting partners
  • Contact the project manager listed in the RFP about posting the subcontract RFP in the County’s database of Current Contracting Opportunities

Choosing Qualified Subcontractors

Make sure that you are engaging with a subcontractor that meets County requirements. ECOP accepts Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certifications from the following agencies:

  • Alameda County Transportation Commission
  • California Department of General Services
  • Port of Oakland
  • Alameda County SLEB Certification (when the State SBE definition is met)

In addition to having SBE certification from one of the agencies listed above, your subcontractors must also have Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) certification from the following agencies:

  • Bay Area Rapid Transit
  • Supplier Clearinghouse
  • North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency
  • Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

Local vendors must be licensed to do business in Alameda County at least six months prior to the bid date.

Questions? Call:
Joan Quillio, OAP
Phone: 510-208-9584

Get more detailed contractor resources, additional information about the ECOP process, and frequently asked questions when you download the Enhanced Construction Outreach Program Information Guide.

Sometimes, it is not possible for contractors to meet the County’s participation goals. In those cases, the contractor may be excused from the goals through the demonstration of Good Faith Efforts (GFE) to meet equity goals.

The RFP for the project on which you wish to bid will outline the GFEs specific to your project.

  • SBE: Small Business Enterprise
  • MBE: Minority Owned Business Enterprise
  • WBE: Woman Owned Business Enterprise
  • LBE: Local Business Enterprise
  • SLBE: Small Local Business Enterprise