We support a diverse vendor community with programs to promote participation in County contracts.

A diverse vendor community keeps Alameda County strong.

Alameda County supports our diverse businesses with programs that promote your ability to bid on and win County contracts.

Capacity Building & Bonding Assistance For Small Businesses

The Contractor Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) helps small local contractors and diverse businesses obtain bonds and increase their capacity to bid and work on Alameda County contracts.

Bid Preference for Large Contractors

The Enhanced Construction Outreach Program gives bid preference to qualifying local and prime contractors who provide subcontracting opportunities for small, local and diverse businesses.

Construction bonds are required for municipal projects as a form of financial insurance that protects both the contractor and the County in case of disputes.

CTAP is designed to help small local contractors obtain bid, payment and performance bonds and/or increase their bonding capacity for work on Alameda County contracts.

Capacity building helps individuals and organizations obtain the skills, knowledge, tools and other resources necessary to do the job — and to perform at a greater capacity. Our services include bid review and support.