Contractor Technical Assistance Program

We help diverse businesses build the capacity to bid on County contracts.

Capacity Building

Alameda County’s Contractor Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) puts County construction contracts in reach for smaller, local vendors.

The CTAP program removes barriers historically faced by minority businesses while ensuring that the County gets the best use of taxpayer dollars through more competitive bidding.

CTAP support includes bonding assistance, capacity building and connections for diverse businesses.

Complete the Contractor Technical Assistance Enrollment Form or find out more about the CTAP program below.

Bonding Assistance

Construction bonds are required for municipal projects as a form of financial insurance that protects both the contractor and the County.

CTAP helps small local contractors obtain bid, payment and performance bonds and/or increase their bonding capacity for work on Alameda County contracts.

To meet this goal, CTAP provides:

  • Bonding assistance/collateral guarantee
    • Up to 40% of contract or $750,000 in collateral, whichever is less.

Capacity Building & Bid Support

Bidding on County construction contracts requires business to have the skills and the personnel and knowledge to put together complex bids and carry out contracts according to state and local law. CTAP provides diverse businesses with:

  • Contractor Development
    • Education and training (including online trainings and webinars)
    • Partnerships with trusted advisors (including brokers, bookkeepers, CPAs, attorneys and banks)
    • Bid-process training
  • Bid assessment
    • Review of administrative capacity
    • Review of financial statements
    • Review of bonding capacity
    • Review of certifications
    • Review of registration with Dept. of Industrial Relations
    • Review of work capacity and growth needs
    • Review of bid paperwork

Fostering Connections

Diverse businesses most often participate in County construction projects as subcontractors. To make connections with prime contractors:

  • Register for SLEB certification
  • Attend pre-bid events
  • Review the List of Attendees at pre-bid events
  • Contact us to request support


In order to participate in the CTAP program, businesses must be:

  • Located in Alameda County
  • Eligible for small business certification from:
    • Alameda County (SLEB)
    • State Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification
    • U.S. Dept. of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification (DBE)
    • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) or Locally Based Enterprise (LBE)

Note: You do not have to be a registered SLEB to participate in CTAP. To qualify you can also be a local vendor of any size, or a minority vendor in any location.


Once we have established your business’s eligibility for CTAP, we schedule a one-to-one, confidential assessment of your business’s financial and organizational readiness for obtaining bonding for an Alameda County contract.

Based on our assessment, we offer technical assistance and capacity-building strategies to address your specific needs. Our program staff will assist your staff in preparing documentation for bonding applications and make necessary referrals to program partners.

There is no charge for enrolling in the program or for CTAP-sponsored workshops and seminars. Contractors are responsible for payment of bond premiums.

For Assistance

For more information or to participate in CTAP, please complete the Contractor Technical Assistance Enrollment Form and contact:

Carol Henry, Program Manager
Phone: 510-879-3285
Fax: 510-740-6921