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Compliance Reporting: Elation Systems

County contractors can register for online compliance support and payroll tracking for work on County contracts.

Support for Contract Compliance

For County contractors who need to comply with the County’s equity programs and payroll reporting requirements, Alameda County provides online support through Elation Systems.

Access to Elation Systems, training and support is provided free of charge to contractors and subcontractors participating in County contracts. Information regarding required use of Elation Systems by prime and subcontractors is included in County bid specifications and contract documents.

Create an Elation Systems account or log in to Elation.

For additional support, contact:
Elation Systems
Phone: (925) 924-0340
Email: support@elationsystems.com

Or visit Auditor-Controller Agency, Office of Contract Compliance & Reporting (OCCR) for more information.

Workforce Compliance

Elation Systems allows prime contractors to track payments made to subcontractors, verifying contract compliance with the County’s equity programs (SLEB, ECOP, etc.).

Payroll Tracking

Elation Systems collects and monitors the weekly payroll reports that are required for all Public Works projects.