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Vendor Support

Get support for your bid on County solicitations with resources for vendors.

If you’re a vendor preparing to bid on a County contract, we want you to be successful. Learn about our support programs below.

Read the Solicitation & Ask for Help

The most important resource is the solicitation document itself; please read carefully.

Each solicitation includes a contract-specific “Calendar of Events.” Consult this Calendar for key dates, including Bidders Conferences/Pre-bid Events, submission deadlines and award announcement dates.

Do not hesitate to contact the point of contact listed on your bid documents if you have questions.

Submit a Bid: Dos & Don’ts. Avoid common mistakes when preparing your bid.

Vendor Outreach: Goods & Services

Vendors of goods and services who are interested in responding to County solicitations are encouraged to attend our weekly Vendor Outreach Events.

Vendor Outreach
Every Wednesday, 10:30-11:30 a.m.
Location: see Upcoming Events for location for your preferred date.
During COVID, all Vendor Outreach events will be held online.

Vendor Outreach events are not specific to any single project. Everyone is welcome.

Bidders Conferences/Pre-Bid Events

For all formal bids, the County hosts a:

  • Bidders Conference (Goods & Services) — usually optional
  • Pre-bid Event (Construction) — usually mandatory

Bidders Conferences and Pre-bid Events are specific to each solicitation and give vendors the opportunity to ask questions about the contract and the bid process.

In most cases, these questions and the answers are then issued as a Q&A document, available to the public. We may also issue addenda following conferences/events. Consult your solicitation document for key dates.

Small, Local and Emerging Businesses and smaller vendors are encouraged to attend these events to have the opportunity to meet vendors who are looking for subcontracting partners.

Small, Local & Emerging Business (SLEB)

To promote the diversity and strength of our local economy, the County has created requirements and incentives for SLEBs, and larger contractors working with SLEBs.

Construction: Support & Requirements

To support a fair and competitive bid process that supports our vendors and the local community, we offer:

Online Bid Support: Goods & Services

For Goods & Services contracts, prospective vendors should register for the EZSourcing portal.

We use the EZSourcing portal to:

  • Communicate with vendors
  • Post solicitation documents
  • Post updates and addenda
  • Receive your bid documents

Register for EZSourcing.
EZ Sourcing FAQs: Find information about frequently asked questions about the EZ Sourcing portal.

Online Compliance Support with Elation Systems

For County contractors who need to comply with the County’s equity programs and payroll reporting requirements, Alameda County provides online support through Elation Systems.

Access to Elation Systems, training and support is provided free of charge to contractors and subcontractors participating in County contracts. Information regarding required use of Elation Systems by prime and subcontractors is included in County bid specifications and contract documents.
Create an Elation Systems account or log in to Elation.

For additional support, contact:

Elation Systems
Phone: (925) 924-0340
Email: support@elationsystems.com

Or visit Auditor-Controller Agency, Office of Contract Compliance & Reporting (OCCR) for more information.

We support a healthy and thriving community by supporting the businesses that serve Alameda County. We encourage you to bid!