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Submit a Bid: Do’s & Don’ts

Ready to prepare your bid for submission? Learn the Do’s & Don’ts.

Avoid common mistakes when you prepare your bid to get the best chance for success.

Submitting Your Bid: Do’s & Don’ts

Do Follow instructions and complete the Exhibit A – Bid Response Packet.

Do Carefully read the entire solicitation and additional bid documents.

Do Be sure to identify the brand and model that you are offering, if requested (Goods & Services).

Do Complete and attach any certificates or forms requested in the solicitation.

Do Have the bid signed by an authorized representative of your company.

Do Review the Delivery Date Terms and Conditions and submit your bid in accordance with them.

Do Email questions/clarifications ahead of time. Note the deadline for submitting questions.

Do Attend the vendor outreach and bidders conference/pre-bid event to ask questions and network with prime or subcontractors as it is highly recommended.

Do Note the deadline for submitting bids.

Do Provide current contact information on the references.

Do Review the Bidder Minimum Requirements and submit proof of meeting the minimum requirements.

Do Contact Specialist assigned on solicitation only.

Don’t Make any correction on the paper copy bid forms unless you initial any and all changes, corrections or whiteouts on your Bid Forms in ink.

Don’t Mark Bid packet “Confidential” or “Proprietary.” Note that bid responses submitted may be subject to public disclosure.

Don’t Submit an incomplete Bid Package.

Don’t Substitute your own Terms and Conditions without completing the exceptions and clarifications attachment.

Don’t Combine multiple line items into a single line item. All items must be bid separately.

Don’t Alter the format of the bid form or the Exhibit A – Bid Response Packet in any way.

If you have any questions, including questions about required certifications and documentation, please feel free to contact the Contracts Specialist whose name appears on the solicitation documents.