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How to Submit Your Bid

Ready to prepare your bid for submission? Get an overview of the bid process.

Submitting a big on a large County contract can be intimidating. We’ve tried to make it easier by providing you with:

Once you’ve taken advantage of those resources, familiarize yourself with the bidding process.

The Bid Process: An Overview

These are the steps you will follow when you are ready to bid on a County contract:

  1. Read the RFP/Q (Request for Proposal/Request for Quote). Find all specific submission details in bid document.
  2. Register for required certifications and online systems. (Details in tabbed box below).
  3. Attend the Bidders Conference (Goods & Services) or Pre-bid Event (Construction).
  4. Review the List of Attendees to find contracting/subcontracting partners.
  5. Prepare and submit your bid by the deadline specific in the RFP/Q.
  6. The Evaluation Period, specified in the RFP/Q.
  7. Receive Notification of Award/Non-award.
  8. The Protest Period. Begins after award letters sent. Lasts approximately five days.
  9. Sign Vendor Service Agreement.

For details about the process, including required certification and documentation (e.g. bonding, insurance) and key dates, consult the RFP/Q for your specific project, review the published Q&A for the project or contact the project manager listed on bid documents.

For More Help

For general questions about the bidding process, contact:

XXXX (Construction)

XXXX (Goods & Services)

  • EZSourcing (for Goods & Services only)
  • The Department of Industrial Relations Certification (for Public Works Construction and Trucking only)
  • Elation Systems (for vendors who will subcontract)
  • SLEB Certification (for small, local and emerging business)
Each RFP/Q includes a detailed Calendar of Events indicating key dates for the bid submission process.