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Do Business With Us

Grow your business and build a stronger community when you bid on County contracts.

Alameda County is always looking for vendors to supply the County with goods and services, including construction for Capital projects.

When you contract with Alameda County, you enjoy the benefits of working with a reliable partner, and the pride that comes with creating a thriving local economy.

We provide extensive support for all our vendors. We strive for open, fair, competitive procurements. We also provide equity programs for small, local and emerging businesses (SLEB), and diverse businesses.

We look forward to working with you.

Contracting Opportunities

Explore contract opportunities for goods and services and construction projects. We also post information about Closed & Awarded Contracts. Our “solicitations” refer to the documents that outline the requirements for submitting a bid.

Construction Contractor Registration

The County invites all interested licensed contractors to submit their company for inclusion on the qualified contractor list for the current calendar year.

2022 Informal Bidding Construction Contractor List

Check to see if your company is on current calendar year’s qualified contractor list. If not, please sign up here.

Vendor Tips

Bidding on a government contract can be a complex process. Take advantage of all the programs and information we offer to prepare your strongest bid.

Submit a Bid: Do’s & Don’ts

Avoid common mistakes when you prepare your bid. Knowing what to do and what to avoid makes submitting a bid easier and increases your chance of success.

Vendor Support Programs

Take advantage of programs that support the economic growth and diversity of Alameda County, including:

  • Small, Local and Emerging Business (SLEB) Certification
  • Bid preference for large contractors subcontracting to diverse businesses (Construction)
  • Capacity building and bonding assistance for diverse businesses (Construction)
  • Online support for payroll tracking and contract compliance

Upcoming Events

Search our listings of scheduled vendor outreach, training, site visits and other events that support your bid process.

eGov Newsletters

Sign up for our eGov subscription in your category to get the latest information about contracting opportunities.