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About GSA

The General Services Agency serves Alameda County with the innovations and services that make our community strong.

Serving the People Who Serve the Public

As a General Services Agency, we are committed to serving the County agencies and departments who serve the public.

We provide the County with:

  • Safe, clean and energy-efficient workspaces
  • One of the greenest vehicle fleets in the nation
  • Logistics services, like parking and messengers
  • Supplies and purchases
  • Outreach to outside businesses
  • Safety training and support
  • Emergency logistics support
  • Long-range capital planning
  • Maintenance and improvements

We think of ourselves as “the people behind the people.” When the County needs services and support, we make it happen.

Innovation & Sustainability

The people of GSA are deep thinkers, big dreamers, problem solvers. We plan, design and build the structures that transform our communities, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Detention Facilities
  • Courthouses
  • Libraries
  • Youth Centers
  • Other County Facilities

We plan, design and build Projects with environmental sustainability and a carbon-neutral 21st century in mind.

Our Energy initiatives rank Alameda County on the cutting edge in the U.S. and around the world. Our interdepartmental Sustainability initiatives keep the County safe, livable and green.

Did you know? Our comprehensive recycling campaign for over 2,000 employees increases recycling rates, including paper, plastics and compost.

Economic Development

Partnerships between Alameda County and our local vendor community provide us with needed goods and services at competitive prices, while fostering a thriving local economy.

At GSA, we work to:

  • Create more contract opportunities that include small, local and emerging businesses (SLEB)
  • Grow the participation of local, minority and women-owned business enterprises in our projects
  • Increase small business participation in facility construction and maintenance projects with bid assistance
  • Provide support for small local contractors to obtain bid, payment and performance bonds
  • Increase the number of local and disadvantaged residents employed on County construction projects

Dedication to Service

The people of GSA are some of the most diverse, creative and dedicated in the County.

From the truck drivers in our Property & Salvage warehouse to the contract compliance officers in our Office of Acquisition Policy, from our janitors, plumbers, painters and gardeners to our senior project managers, we provide the services that keep the County working.

Some of our staff have served GSA for 20-30 years. As a service agency, we don’t work in the spotlight. As people devoted to service, we take pride in helping others.

Alameda County General Services Agency is part Alameda County’s government. Visit the County’s website.

Alameda County has a vision for the future and a plan for how to get there. Learn more about ACGOV Vision 2026.

To ensure the health and safety of our community we:

  • Provide emergency response through the Emergency Operations Center
  • Provide statewide response to disasters
  • Facilitate community wildfire smoke communications
  • Provide safety training to GSA employees
  • Provide safe and code-compliant infrastructure for the general public and all County employees